Pic2Go FAQs

Sign up now to get Kaiser Permanente Women’s Fitness Festival photos for FREE!

That’s right, thanks to California Family Fitness, this year everyone will get access to Free Race Photos! Participants will have the ability to share all their race photos on Facebook and/or download them at no charge after the race.

We encourage you to Opt-in early and have your FREE race photos post directly to your Facebook account once they go live. Some photos are even posted during the race so your friends and families can keep tabs on your race day experience while you are still running! Others are posted soon after the race.

Q. How does this FREE race photo thing work?
There is a fancy, schmancy bar code located in the top, middle of your bib. Our photographers are snapping pictures throughout the course and this little bar code tells us who you are. If you opted-in, the photos are sent straight to your Facebook page. The take-away here – be sure to wear your bib number on the front and keep it visible at all times. We can’t tell who you are if your bib number is covered up with a jacket or if you are wearing it on your back!

Q. How do I Opt-in?
Once you know your bib number, all you have to do is:

  • enter bib number
  • select continue and choose how you’d like to share your photos (Public, Friends, Only Me).
    • If you select Public or Friends, the photos will be automatically uploaded to your Facebook timeline.
    • If you select Only Me, you can review your photos, delete any photos you don’t want to share, then click on the album in Facebook and select “Change to Shared Album”. Your photos will then post to an album on your Facebook timeline. Additional photos may post to your album throughout the week as they are manually tagged. You can remove any photos you don’t want to keep.

Q. Do I need to Opt-in for free photos for this race if I opted-in for a previous race?
Yes! You must opt-in using your bib number for this race so you can be identified during the race and the right pictures are sent to you!

Q: I don’t have Facebook. Is there another way for me to access race pictures?
All race pictures will be available in a searchable, high resolution gallery 7 days after the race.

Q. Will you capture my finish line photo?
Our photographers do their best to capture everyone as they cross the finish line. For the best finish line photo, please look up and smile as you cross the line. And please, please, stop your watch a few seconds after crossing so we don’t just get the top of your head!

Q. Is it possible to view my pictures before they upload to Facebook?
Yes. You must follow the “opt-in” prompts to set up the app on your Facebook account. Part of the set-up process is a prompt which asks you who can see the photos. Select “Only Me”. With this setting, you can view the photos and decide which ones to upload to Facebook.

Q. I already have the Pic2Go app on my Facebook account (I have used this service before), but I want to change my settings within the app. What do I do?
Go to Facebook and click on settings, then click on apps and websites. Then find the Pic2Go app and click on edit. . A pop-up window will appear. Scroll down until you see App Visibility and Post Audience. Select the audience you want to see your pictures (Only Me, Public, Friends)

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